About Us

The future of media licencing.

Envision was founded by creators, for creators out of frustration and a desire to return control, revenue and independence web2 solutions have kept from media creators for too long.

What media is supported?

The Envision platform supports generic 2D and 3D media files. Stock and generic media can be used by a wide range of industries including gaming, metaverse, film and animation architecture, graphic design, marketing etc. Typically stock and generic media is unbranded and can be used many times for various projects and is used when its more commercial to purchase the rights to use an existing piece of content than generate a one from scratch.

What is the problem with existing solutions?

Currently content creators are reliant on large centralised providers to purchase their content outright. The creator is forced to forfeit ownership rights leaving them with no control over how the content is sold or for how much. This leaves a situation where content creators are forced to sell the rights at significantly lower prices than what that piece of content may end up generating, in some cases this can be as little as 15%.

How is Envision solving this issue?

Deriving utility from NFT and blockchain technology, Envision facilitates the peer to peer exchange of media content where creators market and sell direct to consumers, avoiding hefty fees, clunky contracts and the need to forfeit rights as per current Web2 solutions.

Deployed to the blockchain, the Envision platform will act as a tailored NFT marketplace with the UI/UX specifically for the purchase and sale of various media formats.

Creators upload content (photos, videos, animations & 3D files) and mint an ‘Original/Exclusive’ NFT for each individual piece of content, providing ownership of copyright which is held in their web3 wallet.

Creators have two listing options for content:

    A new licensed NFT is minted at point of purchase and there is no limit to number of copies that can be purchased.

    The Original Exclusive NFT is transferred to purchaser and creator now no longer owns copyright or legal ownership.